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ICAI Survey Partner Portal


Welcome to the ICAI/McCabe survey partner portal.  In preparation for administering the ICAI academic integrity survey, we will collect data about you, your institution, and your survey preferences and plans.  You will also upload confirmation of ethics board/IRB and institutional approvals to conduct the survey.

Details about the portal questions can be found in the partner manual on the ICAI website.

If this is your first visit, you can continue within the portal by clicking the Next button.  If you are returning to the portal, you may continue any section by using the appropriate navigator buttons below. If you are not able to complete the portal at one time, you may click "save and continue" in the toolbar at the top of any page.  You will be sent a link to the portal allowing you to return at your convenience. 
To navigate the portal, complete each of these sections by clicking on the "answer" button.  You may also delegate the section to a colleague by entering their email in the assignment box.  Click the Submit button when all of the sections are completed.

You don't need to complete the entire portal at once.  Complete the Individual Contact Information page you will automatically receive a link to allow you to return to the portal.  At the top of each page (after the first), you can also click the "Save and continue" option to get the link.
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Click Save and Continue Later at the top of the screen if your session is complete but you still have questions to answer.
Click Submit below only if you have answered all questions, including the uploads.