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Brief Description

The purpose of this research is to investigate students’ behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs about academic integrity. Individuals who volunteer to participate in this study will take an online survey that asks multiple choice questions about their experiences and attitudes relating to school and schoolwork. It will take about 15 minutes of your time. The risks to participants in this study are no greater than those you encounter in everyday life but may include discomfort about answering questions about your behavior.  If you agree to participate, you may be compensated by your college or university in the form of a raffle or small gift. Information about compensation was included in the email that contained the link to the survey. Please read the remainder of this form before deciding if you want to volunteer to be in this research study.

My name is Dr. David Rettinger, I am a professor at the University of Mary Washington, and I am seeking your consent to participate in this research study.  Involvement in the study is voluntary, so you may choose to participate or not. The information below explains the study in detail. Before volunteering, please ask any questions that you may have about the research; I will be happy to explain anything in greater detail.  My email address is

Details of Participant Involvement

I am interested in learning more about academic integrity.  If you agree to participate, you will be asked to take an online study that asks multiple choice questions about your experiences and attitudes relating to school and schoolwork. You will be asked questions about how you have completed assignments at your school, how you feel about academics at your school, and your perceptions of others’ feelings.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All information about participants will be anonymous. This means that your name will not be recorded and cannot appear in any data collected or in any reports of this research, and neither I nor anyone else will be able to associate you with your data.  Your responses can’t be associated with your name, IP address, or other identifying information by anyone in our research team, and your individual data will never be shared. Because institutions may conduct longitudinal research, we plan to keep the data indefinitely. Our policy will be to keep it for seven years following publication of the first results and evaluate retention every five years thereafter. Once the data are no longer in use for five years, they will be destroyed securely.  

Risks and Benefits of Participation

The risks to you for participating in this study may include slight discomfort at being asked about your behavior and beliefs about school. These risks will be minimized by making sure that we keep your data completely anonymous. You can also skip any questions you prefer not to answer. If you should experience any difficulties during the study, please stop, and email so that we can help you. You will be able to complete the survey at a later time, if you wish. The benefit of this research is that it may contribute to better general understanding of academic integrity, and help colleges and universities encourage authentic learning. If you agree to participate, you may be compensated by your institution.  See the email you received with the link to this survey for details.

Participant Rights

You have the right to ask any questions you have before, during or after participation, and I encourage you to do so. If you do not want to be in this study, there will be no penalties or loss of benefits that you are entitled to. If you volunteer to be in this study and later change your mind, you have the right to withdraw. You may withdraw by closing your browser window.  If you would like to ensure that your data are erased, click the “withdraw from the study” link at the end of the survey. This is your only chance to remove your data from the study since your participation is anonymous.

As a voluntary participant in this research, you have the right to refuse to perform any activities and answer any questions that I ask of you. This research has been approved by the University of Mary Washington Institutional Review Board, a committee responsible for ensuring that the safety and rights of research participants are protected. For information about your rights as a research participant, contact the IRB chair, Dr. Rosalyn Cooperman (

Contact Information

For more information about this research before, during or after your participation, please contact me at


Before continuing, please email me any questions you have about participation in this study.


1. I have read all of the information on this form, and all of my questions and concerns about the research described above have been addressed. I choose, voluntarily, to participate in this research project. I certify that I am a legal adult in my state/province/country.   *This question is required.